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Freezing Cancer In It's Tracks

Next generation cryoablation technology enabling non-surgical, in-office treatment of cancer tumors

Minimally‐invasive cryoablation therapy for women’s health and interventional radiology. Using ProSense™, oncologists provide better quality of patient care, achieve superior outcomes, and reduce cost of care.

For Intervential Radiology

Our cryoablation therapy extends into interventional oncology. Current studies show favorable results treating kidney, lung, liver, and bone cancer tumors.

For Breast Tumor Therapy

ProSense™ is the optimal solution for breast tumors, enabling quicker in‐office treatment. Choosing our liquid nitrogen-based technology, patients accomplish painless therapy and physicians achieve better outcomes.

"Cryoablation is a procedure that we know is safe, efficacious, cost effective and cosmetically superior to surgical removal. IceCure has improved upon the technology and developed a system optimized for breast fibroadenoma. My patients have been very happy with the short, painless procedure, and the ability to return to normal activity immediately.”

Andrew Kenler, MD, FACS


Our ProSense™ cryoablation technology treats tumors quickly and safely. A small probe is inserted into the tumor and uses liquid nitrogen to achieve sub‐zero temperatures within minutes for maximum efficacy. The diseased tissue is destroyed immediately, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

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