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Miniature Surgical Gamma Probe


Miniature Surgical Gamma Probe

SENSEI® is an advanced guidance system designed for intracavity radio-guided surgery. The system's miniaturized gamma probe enables unprecendented dexterity and anatomic reach, expanding the field of view and enabling the quick localization of radioactive hotspots. Suitable for minimally-invasive and robot-assisted surgical procedures.

Miniaturized to just over 40mm in length

The single-use, disposable probe measures just over 40mm, ideal for both intracavity manual and robotic laparoscopic procedures. Attached to a 3-metre lightweight cable, the probe can be easily extracted through a standard 12mm entry port. 


Easy to use

Designed in close collaboration with leading surgeons and nuclear medicine physicians. The system is easy to use in the operating room with a clear audible and graphic display. SENSEI® can be integrated with an external display on surgical robotic platforms.

disposable probe

The SENSEI® probe is disposable and doesn't require a sterile sheath or reprocessing between procedures, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and costs due to loss or damage. 

SENSEI® in the Operating Room

SENSEI SLNB Robotic Cervical Cancer Surgery
SENSEI SLNB Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery
SENSEI SLNB Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery
SENSEI ROLL Robotic Lung Surgery
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